Battle Tribes: Wave 8

Spy Monkey Creations will be adding some awesome new variations of their latest characters to their store tonight, August 13th, at 6PM PDT (9PM EDT East Coast)!

Another great assortment and I especially like that Vampire Bat. Make sure to check out the whole wave if you get the chance!

Well done, SMC!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a truly super 10th anniversary rollout! We're so happy to finally be able to share the Villser with you guys, especially since the road to bringing this character into reality had been paved with some unexpected and challenging turns. Our whole clan deeply appreciates the extra support that you've shown for the Villser debut, and for once again keeping the pathway open for us to summon new creatures from beyond the Rift.

As of this writing all packages have hit the post, save a small handful. Michelle, Pj and I burned the midnight oil over the weekend and hammered through a pretty substantial cardboard labyrinth. Even CC got in on the act (some of you may even find some "bonus artifacts" on your slips, courtesy of our little comedian). We must have listened to Toro y Moi's new Boo Boo album 40 times while we were in the barn packing (thank you to Marcus and sorry to Pj).

Our next wave is set for mid-September and will see the return of the Glyknights as well as some expanded Gendrone (Gobon) action to take on the Villser!

Thank you again for warmly welcoming our new addition to the System. I personally can't wait to see what you build with these new parts and hope that, most of all, you really have some fun while exploring the new figure's landscape.


Shadow of the Villser

Update: All limits lifted!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Biophase Pheyden

Villser Revenant

Villser Neo Phase

Villser: Axis Evolved

Villser Fusion: Reach Titan

Villser Fusion: Tall Stalker

Villser Standard

Villser Standard Formation

Beam Sentry Formation

Grip Strider Formation

Edge Raptor Formation

All Seeker Formation

We really do look at the Glyos project as one big connected super loop, so after 10 years of producing stuff, this new Villser needed to be the Omega to Pheyden's Alpha. Something to challenge the Travelers on equal ground.

The following are some info bits regarding this new PVC Villser:

-The Villser stands 3.5 inches tall and is made up of 20 parts in its "Standard" humanoid build. Each Villser also comes packed with a bonus Switch pin (there is already one counted within the backpack as well) for double Fusion Builds. So 21 parts total with each Villser including the bonus Switch Pin.

-Figure breakdown is 3 part arms, 3 part legs, pelvis, belt, 6-way chest, chest insert, backpack with Switch Pin, neck, head, "brain cap" and the previously mentioned bonus Switch Pin.

-Some of the original sketches and concepts that I had played with over the years (there have been many of them) focused on a variety of angles and piles of small stacked parts (and would eventually spawn the actual Axis Joints, Hub Set and Swing Joints). Then, over time, the Villser evolved into something that focused much more on a very buildable, but not overly complicated, multidimensional design.

-More hours were spent working on the potential contained builds for this guy than anything I'd ever worked on before.

-Older experiments with the Voyager Argen concept were a heavy influence on the direction of the final figure and helped visualize the metamorphic functionality that's at the heart of the Villser, both as a physical figure and within its story arc.

-This creature also had to integrate the existing accessories, especially Axis Joints, into a handful of specific "intended" builds, focusing on one particular "savage" strain of the character itself. The Axis Joints factor into much of the original Villser Virus story arc, so this version of the Villser needed to have a special flow with the Axis design specifically.

-Contained double figure "Fusion" builds were on the checklist to incorporate as a focus, with some extra freaky Barlowe style configurations emerging from the combined concept explorations.

-The Villser base body had to be variable enough so that another major character could come to fruition through a future Extra Set mold upgrade currently being worked on.

My hope is that anyone who's been playing with Glyos for a long time will be intrigued by the mix of new and familiar parts that make up this beefy critter, and folks who are just discovering this world can get a true feel for what Glyos is, in a simple and easy way.

Metamorphic Lifeform Villser

Traveling beyond the Zorennor Rift from their secret homeworld of Odravunn, the newly evolved Metamorphic Lifeform Villser follow the primitive call of their long lost brethren, imprisoned across space and time in the distant Glyos System.

Echo Nexus


Passcode Playthrough

In celebration of officially hitting the 10 year mark, we've put together a special Passcode Playlist that covers almost every entry in the series!

Creating each installment was always a labor of love, even when finishing things would take hours or days longer than expected (like the Glyaxia Incident of 2010). For anyone that may not have completed a game, or wants to rewatch the stories on the big screen, there is now over an hour of video to stream on YouTube.

Extra special thanks to our friend Rich Vreeland, whose music became not only the soundtrack, but the inspiration for many moments throughout the series.

Michelle, Matt and I are SUPER excited to debut the new figure tomorrow. There will not be a new Passcode this time, but check back for big reveals leading up to the launch tomorrow night at 9:30 PM ET!

Curvilinear Counterparts 10



Today marks 10 years of production Glyos, and 15 years of marriage between Michelle and I (we've been together going on 20 years). It's generic to say that the time has flown by, but it's hard not to have that feeling. Thank you for a decade of true freedom and for traveling with us down this creative path. When I time jump to the future and try to look back on these years with wiser eyes, it becomes even more clear how special this has all been.

We'll be having our 10th anniversary release on August 3rd, to make sure our latest creation can make it for supper. Starting today and leading up to the launch, we'll be posting sneaks that focus on what's in store.

Thanks a million from Michelle, Marc and I for a truly great decade. Who knows, maybe we can all squeeze in another 10 together!


Record Release Party

For anyone in the area, my band Destroy Babylon will play all of our new album tonight in Somerville MA. Spread the word!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for the great release last week! It's always a gamble when we put a weird spin on something familiar, but the Glyknights generally seemed to click pretty well. It's been in the works for a while to run some production capes, and things luckily fell into place for it to finally happen with this wave. The capes have been designed to accommodate just about any standard Glyos figure, and if you guys dig them, we may offer capes separately down the road.

Glyknights need powerful adversaries, so based on your emails and comments the additional armor on Skeleden is something that you'd like to see again, so we'll be covering those Traveler limbs even more in the future. Skeleden's little Skullboto soldiers took us by surprise, with one of the quickest sellouts that the Noboto mold has seen since its debut in 2013. We'll absolutely be revisiting the Skullboto concept again before the year is over (Halloween is a definite -Ghoulboto).

Based on the performance of this recent sale, detail lined versions of select figures will start to be offered moving forward. The Skeleden Standard MK II DX saw a limited production run and sold fairly well. Let's see how this experiment goes and maybe we can start to open the catalog up a bit more.

On the shipping front, we've been steadily working away to get all the packages out (just Michelle and I on shipping detail this time) and we're close to finished. Only the internationals and orders that came in over the holiday and today remain (but will hit the post later today and first thing tomorrow morning). You've kept us busy and it's very appreciated!

Behind the scenes, we've been buzzing away to finalize something extra special for our 10th anniversary release, which is set to launch at the end of this month. Many years have been spent preparing for this character's arrival, and it's taken a lot of effort for it to truly manifest. Expect some posts about its development and history as we get deeper into July.

Thanks again for welcoming the latest round into the fold! It was a super turnout and we're forever grateful to have the freedom to do this. As always it's 100% because of you!