Old Orchard Beach is still something special, even in hibernation mode.

Just ask the Blow Bros.


Bio-Masters: Wave 2

A seemingly endless variety of exotic and unpredictable entities dwell within the depths of the ever moving Quallerran Research Vessel Rydine. Under the steady watch of Overseer Elpherios, these incredible creatures are carefully tested and monitored in a focused effort to understand and unlock their true potential.

Through the use of concentrated Rayexx Beams, Elpherios super charges two otherworldly subjects recently obtained near a strange prismatic structure drifting inside the Crethicay Triangle. Only through the use of specialized control implants can the unstable Rayexx Beams be harnessed, usually with extraordinary results.

What secrets do these unique aliens conceal and how can the Rayexx Beams be used to advance the Quallerran mission?  It's Overseer Elpherios' task to find out...

Our friend Pat Bussey has his second official Bio-Masters release set for tonight, April 13th, at 8:30PM Central Time! Both of Pat's new color choices match right up with our recent Rayexx and Neo Nonillia runs, so the building possibilities are ready and waiting.

Great work, Pat! Love that art!



Thanks to the super talented Megan Kelly for the above illustration!

Starting this weekend, some serious playtime is in order for my brother and I. We've been given an opportunity to tour a bit of Europe with our amazing friend Iyeoka, in support of her new album Gold. JBo and I will be on drum and bass duty, along with fellow Destroyer/Macrotone/Viper Andy Bergman on sax, and Kenyan artist Blinky Bill on guitar. The Macrotones recently did a track with Iyeoka which will be available on a split record with Destroy Babylon next week!

For anyone interested, here's her new single, "Who Would Follow", and the song that has taken the world (wide web) by storm, "Simply Falling".

Full tour dates below. ┼×erefe!

Axis Armored Varteryx Skaterriun


Quallerran Overseer Elpherios

Quallerran Overseer Elpherios was the first of his kind to fuse with Axis Technology, pioneering a special "Evolver" separation method that placed the dark Villser Virus strains into another symbiotic, Axis-born lifeform called an "Axillioid".

Though granted a host of incredible new metamorphic abilities in this "Evolver" state, Elpherios now remains mortally connected to his bonded Axillioid, destined to follow the strange creature's fate, stand or fall. 


Thank You!!!

Thank you for being part of the "Skate Wars" last week! This wave has a lot of funny connections to a pivotal time back in my youth, so it was extra neat to see that some of you enjoyed the stuff. I still clearly remember scratching out the original drawings for the Skate Wars guys as a kid and wanting to make versions that I could carry around. Thanks to you, that's become a reality.

As always, we continue to shuffle the production numbers, particularly with the crossover editions. Both the Vector Jump and OSM Cyclops runs were boosted up to hopefully meet the demand from folks that were visiting for just those specific figures. As of this writing, only a handful of each remain since popping them up, so it looks like we hit the right combination this time. Special thanks go out to Jesse D, Gary and Mel for letting Pheyden's cousins come over for dinner.

All orders placed since Wednesday night have hit the post, with just a few that came in late yesterday and the international orders left to go out, first thing tomorrow morning. The traffic was higher than usual so we've been hustling hard to keep things moving. Extra special thanks to Megan and her daughter Aeris for assisting with the late shift! It's so great to have a new addition to the family, especially a little peanut like Aeris.

Our next round is set to land in mid-May and should make some of you builders out there smile.

Thanks again from the whole family!


The Skate Wars

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Bumped To Ten

As has been the theme this year, we need just a little extra time to secure everything for tonight's release. We're sorry for the slight delay and hope to see you here at 10 PM, EDT!


Vector Jump Skaterriun

Neo Granthan Skaterriun Mimic

Skaterriun Skull Commandos

Emerging from some of the most dangerous and unpredictable trainees ever placed in Glyaxia Command's OTR Programs, the Skaterriun Skull Commandos are a rare breed with a singular purpose. 

After the success of Project Black Skull, Glyaxia Command placed a razor sharp focus on identifying more "advanced" recruits within their various OTR Programs through something called the Marivok Directive. Under the umbrella of this Directive, "scientists" ran strange mental and physical tests to push prospective assets beyond what most could ever withstand. Many soldiers were either driven mad, locked away or simply terminated. However, some subjects managed to escape into the darkness of space, carrying with them secret information that Glyaxia Command would do anything to suppress.

Enter the Skaterriun Skull Commandos. Tasked with eliminating severe threats to Glyaxia Command's control of Glyos from within, the soldiers selected for this duty have all passed the most extreme Marivok Directive tests, conquering the difficult OTR Programs with their extraordinary natural abilities and an inborn willingness to break any rule to survive.


Laser Case

The Skate Wars begin April 5th, 9:30 PM EDT.


Battle Tribes: Wave 6

Spy Monkey Creations keeps the Battle Tribes war wagon rolling with their latest assortment, now available over in their store!

The PVC/paint combo on the new Cosmic Guardian Spikesaurian looked great while it waded through the snow melt yesterday, looking for something to club and eat. 



Bit Figs Wave 5

Wave 5 of Bit Figs are available now at the Culture Pirates shop! This round takes inspiration from the classic 80s Japanese collectibles, Kinkeshi, known as M.U.S.C.L.E. here in the US. Also in store is the first series of Bit Pins, high quality soft enamel pins! Big thanks to George Gaspar for helping make them happen.

This marks the last colorway for the original production samples of Series 1 vending Bit Figs. As we move further into 2017, Bit Pheyden will continue to appear in various colors and forms, exploring and discovering new creatures within his pixelated universe...

Thank you for your continued support. Have fun!


Flexing Inspiration

The next round of Bit Figs enters the ring tomorrow at 9pm EDT!

Cold Climb

Galaxxor: 005

Our friend Ben Spencer currently has a great new yellow edition of Galaxxor to check out in his Galaxxor Online Store. Be sure to also read Ben's latest installment of the continuing adventures aboard the Space Fortress Cerberus while you explore his site!





The Quallerran: Part 2

Long ago, a Quallerran starship found its way through the Zorennor Rift, unexpectedly plunging directly into the midst of an intense battle between the Delphi and a massive Voss Biovessel. Before evasive maneuvers could be taken, the Quallerran craft's control field was damaged in the crossfire, forcing a deadly crash on a small planet that would eventually come to be known as Syncros.

Of the three crew members, only one Quallerran survived the impact. Undaunted, the interstellar explorer continued on its mission, transmitting each and every new discovery through its Syncrobine Link out into space, in an effort to reach Quallerra. 

After many cycles marooned on Syncros, the lone Quallerran finally laid itself to rest deep within an unmarked cavern, reunited at last with its fallen brethren and destined to fade from existence... or so it would seem.

Time passed, and the Glyos System experienced many changes. Alien invaders continuously emerged from the unpredictable Zorennor Rift, causing great turmoil among the indigenous creatures of Glyos, forever altering the landscape of a once harsh but ordered system. Even under the protection of the benevolent Delphi, all life in Glyos seemed trapped within a state of endless conflict.

Eventually, a fragile balance was restored, which led to the growth of many powerful and advanced civilizations.

Throughout it all, the forgotten Quallerran lay buried under rock and time, until a secret expedition uncovered their still intact tomb...     


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a busy week! When we run these types of mostly translucent waves, they historically have a polarizing effect within our ranks, but the addition of the special paint applications and the Pathfinder/Argenesis build seemed to balance the playing field out pretty well. The general response to the heavily painted Cytechion DX figure in particular was very positive, so we'll definitely travel down that avenue again. Crazy what not painting certain areas can do.

This round connects right into some of my biggest personal influences, thrown in the handy cosmic blender and designed to deliver a hybrid experience for those that may have grown up in the 70's/early 80's. Takara's Henshin Cyborg is the major tribute here, but Fisher Price's Adventure People (Space Series) laid the groundwork for the recent chest tampo inspiration, as well as the mystery figure from this wave that will be revealed when the packages start landing tomorrow.

The new set that all the pics were taken on was constructed out of 3 sheets of plexiglass, DAP compound mix, silicone and tons of paint. By placing the lights close behind the clear painted plexi, a spacey look came into focus. It's still really fun to work on these otherworldly environments that are made from totally terrestrial materials.

Our next wave is set for release at the very end of this month, and focuses on a project that started when I was in 7th grade. Some of you long time folks might especially like what's on deck. There will be some crossovers, and maybe a special build as well. Should be a decent mix of things to discover.

Almost all the orders placed since the launch have hit the post, with only a handful left to meet the mailman tomorrow morning. Special shout out to the always awesome Pj Bartlett for doing double packing duty last week. Pj's Paper Palace is unstoppable.

Speaking of wrapping things up, sincere thanks from the whole Onell family once again to all of you for continuing to check things out!


Hyper Henshin Go!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Hyper Henshin Pathfinder