Active Duty

Enlistment begins this Sunday, Feb. 25th at 9:30 PM EST.


Mega Merge

Over the last week, a new Glyos based crossover project we've been working on has finally surfaced online, that being Mega Merge. This collaborative effort came about thanks to our old friend, Jesse DeStasio (Knights of the Slice monarch), and his long standing relationship with toy manufacturer, Just Toys International. After many discussions and brainstorming sessions over the last year and a half, our three groups ultimately united to bring the Mega Merge brand to life.

The Onell Design end of the Glyoverse has quietly operated along the edges of an industry that focuses almost entirely on popular licensed properties. Though we are completely dedicated to creating original material, we also have a passion for the classics, and have mixed many tributes into the DNA of our releases over the years. Through teamwork with some of our great partner companies, we've even been lucky enough to work directly on a few legitimate classic property relaunches as well.

Though it's fun to visit the worlds of officially licensed characters, the general direction of Glyos around these parts remains grounded in the weirdo stories that we've been exploring for the last decade. Our new cousin, Mega Merge, on the other hand, will be focused exclusively on licensed stuff, particularly characters from video games, both old and new.

Long time Glyos builders may not immediately be into every technical design decision made with Mega Merge, as the primary directive with this new line is to capture the authentic look and feel of the licensed character first, not just to turn out a super parts-optional figure. That being said, there are actually many cool combinations that can be achieved with what's available just within the first Fallout selections, you just need to approach the building process from a different angle.

The pricing is super competitive with Mega Merge, with the initial offerings landing at only $10 USD per character. This is a major boon for the project, and a lot of work went into nailing that price point for the debut rollout.

If you dig what you've seen so far, maybe give it a shot. Some solid expansions are in the works, and if things shake out the right way, we could see some really fun vintage waves surface along with the current modern properties -and they'll all be fully Glyos compatible.

You can find the first wave for pre-order here.

Thanks for checking things out!


Bit Figs: Printables

Now available for download: Bit Figs coloring pages!

We've opened a Culture Pirates Etsy Shop, where new printable items like this will be offered.

Etsy is a community of independent creators and supporters that embrace the do-it-yourself work ethic. Back in my middle school punk rock days, DIY was our motto, and that attitude still filters through my daily life.

In addition to the coloring pages, there's also a set of Valentine's Day cards that can be downloaded and printed. Packs of Bit Figs vending series are listed as well to expand their online presence and introduce Etsy-goers to our little world.

We have more printable pages and activities in the works as we explore new markets for kids, parents, and teachers. If this is something you're interested to see more of please let us know!



Thank You!!!

Thank you for bringing in 2018 with a solid Wave 70! We had a good little mini-hiatus since the last round in late November, so it felt good to get cracking on things again.

All the new colors seemed to come in on target and delivered an array of building fodder, particularly with the Villser "Standard" hues being represented across a couple different molds. It's neat to finally be able to explore the Villser character in actual production after thinking about it for so many years. These specific color assignments had been held back for the most part until now, with the goal of one day actually running a proper Villser Standard assortment.

The Real Type Glyaxia Rangers was another concept that had been percolating for a bit, influenced in no small part by a potentially unhealthy fixation with the classic Galaxy Rangers cartoon of old. Story-wise, the Glyaxia Rangers also loop into our old Gear's Edge arc, as Gear's parents were affiliated with an early incarnation of their unit (Glyan Rangers) before things went south for Gear's family. We'll be exploring some more Real Type action in our late February/early March release as well. 

Speaking of homages, Skeleden Redborg draws direct inspiration from our friends Yasuhiro Nightow and Noriyuki Zinguzi, two of the powerhouses behind one of the coolest modern toy lines going, Assemble Borg. Their Jarkroid Volga/Walze release that came out in 2016 is one of my personal favorites from an already incredible selection of figures. So naturally, a little blending of the PVC DNA seemed in order. From Glyos to Assemble Borg, we salute you!

Another big shout out goes to the 2D deity, Ralph Niese! The dynamic illustration shown above continues to showcase his extraordinary natural abilities and signature style. We love it, Ralpho!

All packages as of this writing have hit the post. Michelle and Pj were the consummate masters of shipping as always, making sure that everything flowed smoothly. My apologies to both of them for the wicked Vangelis loop, but the barn was asking for it.

Stock is holding up well and should probably hang in there until early next week on most items, judging by the current rate of action. The Standard Villser should be available for an extended amount of time, as it was ordered with a Buildstation approach in mind.

We're looking forward to what's ahead and feel refreshed and ready to bring new projects your way. Thank you once again for getting 2018 off to a great start!


Redborg Rises

Wave 70 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Traveler Villden

"I join them of my own free will, for we cannot defeat them ..."
-Traveler Villden


Metamorphic Organisms

Villboto Evolver

Exile Villboto

Beam Sentry Trio

Villser Standard MK II

Sector 7

Trained within Sector 7 on the Point Cerrek Space Station located above Planet Esedeth, Glyaxia Rangers are each granted access to a highly classified dossier known as the Hades File upon graduation from the Ranger Program. It's rumored that this file contains an "Alternative History" of the Glyos System, revealing to its reader what truly lies behind the shadow of Glyaxia Command.

Commander Colturren

Glyaxia Rangers

Specially commissioned by Glyaxia Command to neutralize the criminal Redborg Syndicate and its dangerous use of outlawed alien technology near the Edge of Space, the Glyaxia Rangers make their home far beyond the civilized worlds that they are sworn to protect, bravely enforcing Metran Law in places with no trace of it.



Open Range: UPDATE

The release date has been bumped to FRIDAY (tomorrow), January 26th at 9:30 PM EST. 

Just need one more day to finalize some details, but things are looking good.



Toyfinity Attacks!

Toyfinity starts 2018 off right, with another powerful wave of reimagined classic characters from the old Ideal catalog, poised to raid your collections tonight, January 17th at 9PM EST! Details are posted over at the Toyfinity blog!

The recent Gendrone Union metallic copper also makes its return with matching Zeroid Zobor and Robo Force Maxx Zero (in Maxx Zobor form) editions (shown in their combined Super Zobor form above), opening up more build potential across the different Glyos lines.

Another big character debut for this new Toyfinity release is the official rollout of the Knight of Darkness, the original Ideal version having been a big time personal favorite of mine since its dubious entrance into the toy world back in 1977. This is a significant round on many levels!

These are a blast, John! So excited to finally see these guys happen!





I wanted to pop one last post up before we start to explore 2018 and just say thanks once again for a memorable 10th year. Working on the various Glyos projects has personally meant more to me than ever this year,  allowing for a steady and calm point of focus throughout a 2017 full of crossroads. It was one for the books, no doubt.

A final farewell goes out to Carole, Memaw, Jenny, Cathy and Dad.

See you in the next round.


Passcode Flashback

We hope everyone is having a fun holiday season, and that the new year brings a fresh wave of creativity and inspiration.

The video above is a little flashback compilation that spotlights some of the moments we've shared together throughout the Passcode series. Creating these over the last decade was a true labor of love, and they still stand as some of the best projects that I've had the pleasure to be a part of.

Cheers!  -Marcus


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great last release of 2017! In a year filled with more curveballs than usual, being allowed to continue exploring this project has really kept things centered around here. Even though it's now been over 10 years, the excitement of playing with this stuff has never faded for us, and that's thanks to the bonds that we all share. Each time we connect, we feel energized and inspired to do more, to open another door and discover something new. A thousand blog posts couldn't cover the gratitude we feel for what each of you has worked with us to build. We fly this ship together!

Almost all orders placed since the release have hit the post as of this writing, with just a few being processed today. Packages should start showing up tomorrow, a little ahead of the holiday madness.
Another massive thank you to Michelle and Pj for staying in overdrive to get everything out the door.

The higher production numbers we've been running over the last few rounds continue to hold up, and it seems like folks are finding what they want without too much stress. We'll keep on turning the dials in an effort to find just the right balance!

Looking ahead, we've got a few fun new projects emerging in early 2018 of a crossover nature, and our next release is planned for sometime in mid-January. Expect new action from all across the Glyoverse as 2018 gets rolling.

Thank you once again from the whole family for sticking with us!

PS -All orders that contained both a Glyarmor Specialist Cypracor and a Glyan GU Commando were packed with a bonus cape (one of three possible colors) and an extra RF Weapons Set to unlock the secret 8th Glyknight, Ollcadis!



Thank you Ralph for another mind-melting illustration!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Self Destruction

Argenesis Xycoss

Villser Fusion: Xycoss Invader

Villser Xycoss

Xycoss Traveler Clone

Xycoss Phanost

The Xycoss Effect

Villser Gendrone Union

Glyan Gendrone Union Commando

Glyarmor Specialist Cypracor

Gendrone Union Commando Unit

Enyriun MK VIII Gendrone Union

Gobon Gendrone Union

Argen MK XXII Gendrone Union